The Solari Expanse is a world with many strong tethers to other worlds and planes of existence. Rifts to these worlds can easily be created by those with the right understanding of magic, religion or nature. Once opened these rifts are hard to seal again. Over the many centuries thousands of rifts have been opened and abandoned, leaving numerous entry ways and exits for creatures from every path of existence to freely wander.

It is land where magic is both feared and celebrated. Very few truly understand just how close they are to the beings of these parallel worlds and how easy it is to cross planes of existence. Those that can harness the various rifts in the land soon have access to a great wealth of power, but many are corrupted or executed by the denizens within.

While The Solari Expanse is a large world, so far most of the campaigns in the last decade have been set on three out of the seven small islands.

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The Solari Expanse

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