Abdul “Master of the Hunt, Killer of Dragons.”


Like most dwarves, Abdul is short in stature and thick in frame. He hates loud music but loves the sound of battle. He’s much prefer to see the fires of the Forge rather than the greenery of nature.


Abdul had always been under the shadow of his superior Romli in every way. This changed when three dragons came and ravaged their dwarves city on the hunt for gold. Abdul stood his ground and led a small handful of dwarves against the terror.

He defeated two with his own axe and the third fell to Grick “Master of the Mead”

Paralysed by fear Romli stood and watched the chaos unfold and did little to aid his allies as they fell. Soon after the event he left leaving Abdul without competition any longer.

With Romli absent, Abdul now has become the courts most favoured.

Abdul “Master of the Hunt, Killer of Dragons.”

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