Aslog Gunhild

Barbarian Lv1


Pale feisty and lean. Aslog has low self-esteem but a furious temper.


Aslog Gunhild was born of nobility. She was the heiress of the mighty household of Krael, to be ruler of the great fleet, the Lord of all in Tralan and the wealth that came with it. That was until they realised she was weak. Born pale and underweight, her family prayed to the Gods to infuse her with the strength their tribe was known for. Their prayers remained unanswered and little Aslog remained resented.

At her coming of age ceremony she was thrown into the pit to fight boar barehanded like every child in their tenth year. Alas, little Aslog did not fare well, her pale complexion glimmered in the sunlight making her an even easier target for the hungry, flesh-eating boar. Tears fell from her sky blue eyes as the beasts chased her around the arena as her ears were barraged by jeering from the crowd. Making her way around the perimeter for her fourth time she was struck in the head by rotten veg thrown from above by a nearby bystander. Knocked off balanced she sprawled onto the floor as the boar collided with her.

In the three years it took Aslog to recover from her injuries, her father and mother were exiled. Their child was not only weak but also a coward and by Krael law they were to be banished. After that she spent day after day mucking out stables, gutting fish or being pelted with rotten veg in the stocks. But at night she trained. She remembered the holy scripture her father and mother had read to her, she recalled the movements and methods of sparring. Once all of the stable boys refused to spar with her any longer, she moved onto the boar…

At the age of 19 she was released from her duties but her forehead was branded with the symbol of cowardice. More than used to the toils and hardships of life, she headed out to the wastes to see if her training paid off.

Aslog Gunhild

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