Engrill Vatris

Fighter (Gunslinger) 14 / Warlock 1


Dark, tall, handsome, skillful – these are all words Engrill is likely to use to describe himself.

The reality is very different. Quick on the draw and with a mind just as fast, Engrill prides himself on his abilities as a Gunslinger and Tinkerer. His features are now visibly scarred from the tormenting of the gods, as well as the strange hat he wears which forces his appearance to become puppet-like.



When Engrill was too young to really remember anything, his village was raided and plundered by the military. His parents and elders were slaughtered and all of the younglings were captured, forced to fight or be used as slave labour. While hardy, nimble and perceptive, Engrill was always an unusually weak specimen, consistently failing any kind of test of strength or even being able to carry heavy loads that soldiers are often required to. However, the higher ups didn’t miss a beat when it came to his brilliance and it only took 3 gruelling years of basic training and slavery until he was transferred into the research division. From there, he worked on basic designs at first, such as lighter swords and shields, eventually moving on to trying to improve the crossbow, which of course he achieved with resounding success. However his curiosity got the better of him and he was never truly satisfied with his work, forcing him to work in secret on new, much more powerful designs. This is where he first designed the Pepperbox, a volatile contraption that could fire metal rounds at terrifying speeds. However it didn’t take long for the research captain, Aldor, to find out what Engrill, his now Second In Command had been up to, and forced him to continue improving these designs, ready for mass production. Luckily, it was an assassination attempt gone wrong that allowed Engrill to escape, stealing the prototypes as well as the broken dagger of Aldor himself and disappear into the night with the mysterious Tiefling Assassin known as Audra. From there, knowing they both could never return to their respective pasts, they decided to forge a new future for themselves, becoming mercenaries and adventures for hire, amassing a large fortune. A few years later, their pasts started to catch up with them, so they pooled their resources, called in all the favours they could and fled, putting themselves into magical sleep for 2 years to survive the journey that awaited them. Still, anything was better than what they had before..

Engrill had always been planning his escape, since having been forced to experiment on children, whether it had been live fire tests, enhancing potions or debilitating poisons. Almost always, it came down to Engrill to “dispose” of the test subjects once the experiments had been completed, and while it certainly made him immune to blood and gore, the screams and the faces full of terror still haunt him to this day.

Engrill’s Pledge

“Two. That fucking bitch.”

Engrill couldn’t get her voice out of his head as he lay on the dusty bed, tossing and turning, sleep not coming. After laying there for a few more minutes, he gives up and heads towards his workshop. He unholstered the pepperbox pistol and starred the barrel. 5 names were etched onto it, 1 of them, The Skinner, had already been scratched off. Engrill stared at one name in particular. “Two..”

Working over the next few hours, Engrill allowed his mind to wander back to that room where he found his new scatter pistol. Thinking over his dedication to Tasvere, the Drow thinks back to when they were all ambushed by her bitch of a sister. “I can’t let that happen again. Tasvere needs me, even if she doesn’t know it. I must have more power.”

Having come to terms with a few things about his past, especially having literally fought his inner demons and having laid The Skinner to rest, Engrill found himself wanting. While some scars will never truly heal and the emotional trauma of what he had done will never leave, there was a certain emptiness in his soul. The moment he saw that painting of Tasvere, that emptiness was filled with a desire to protect, to follow and serve, to kill and slaughter anyone who stood against his new mistress.

Heading back to the dusty bed, sleep was just as hard to find this time. “I wish I had more power.. I want to protect her. I want to lay her enemies to waste.” These thoughts kept revolving around his mind. He then whispers in the darkness above him, “If anything is out there, hear me now. I desire the power to destroy my enemies.” With that, his eyes closed and he fell into his trance.

Then, a voice. A deep, rumbling voice. “I can offer you such power.” Engrill’s eyes snapped open to find himself in a pitch black space with what appeared to have no floor, ceiling, walls or any dimensions of any kind. Standing before him was a figure made from smoke and ash, with a porcelain face, the words coming without it’s mouth opening. “You want the power to destroy your enemies, yes? And the enemies of Tasvere?” With his heart in his mouth, Engrill simply nods. “Then speak my name, mortal.”

Engrill’s eyes then slowly opened, glowing purple with arcane energy. With a voice that was not his own, a deep rumbling voice almost being added to it, the dark elf simply said one word.


Engrill Vatris

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