Marcus Jones

Retired adventurer


Lean, old and happy, Marcus loves life. Not understanding much means he tends to rebound from the hardships in his life.

His smiling weatherbeaten face, complete with his tufty ginger hair is always a welcome sight.


Marcus was an adventurer long ago. Once a farm hand for his adoptive parents, he started adventuring in order to improve their lives.

After defeating a necromancer, vanquishing a tower of evil and restoring Alione to peacetime he retired.

With his earnings he bought his parents a country estate and he refurbished their sad, old farm. Now he continues to work the land, producing produce for the local town and villages.

Through his actions Marcus also has led to the acceptance of goblin kind into mainstream society. Sod, his wife and his many half children have changed the way goblins are perceived in Alione.

Marcus means no one any harm. But when the town calls for his aid, he will pick up his bastard sword and stop what needs to be stopped.

Marcus Jones

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