Sister Ectya

Paladin Lv18


A beautiful but heavily scarred paladins. Blonde and fair-skinned, uses a great sword imbued with holy energy.


Sister Geyla and Ectya both came to Golden to help purify the primarily evil land.

During their first three years they commissioned the building of the Temple of Celesti in the new town and took to work purifying the land. It took the best part of six years but they managed to fell the entire Shifting Forest and execute all the horrors incubated within.

They built a statue to the hero Taru who had began a quest of eradication before they had arrived. They believed that he was a paladin of great honour who had been felled by a great evil. When he came out of the rift, he was met with disappointment and contempt. For what they had thought was a great paladin was actually an ex-mercenary, who associated with inherently evil and selfish people.

A few weeks later Geyla helped try and cure a deep curse that had been bestowed upon Merlot Von Whet. Geyla succeeded in her quest but ruptured her brain in the process. Engrill swiftly put her out of her misery. Before demons invaded and destroyed the chapel.

On her return Sister Ectya was crushed by the weight of what had happened, and began putting their second phase of their plan into action.

Sister Ectya

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