Solari Godess of the Gateway

Goddess of the Gateway


Once she appeared scruff and wild-eyed, Solari had a heavily tattooed mouth, lips, gums and tongue. Often she bleeding from her piercing blue eyes.

Now her skeleton with a mop of fiery red hair, sits upon a throne. Still conscious but unmoving, tearing open rifts across the world and sending forth waves of chaos and disruption.


Solari came to the world over a thousand years ago. They say she fell from the stars, opening rifts to every plane of existence and releasing denizens of those planes into the world.

It is rumoured that her mind perhaps even gave birth to those planes.

Her remains can still be found in the Cave of the Stars. Said to be guarded by her vengeful and deranged greater form, The Goddess of the Gateway.

Solari Godess of the Gateway

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