Undead Pirate Queen


A sharp dress sense and well polished bones. Uses an ancient rapier of great power.


Swift was once a beautiful vixen of a cut-throat. Always popular with the “lads”, she had to assert herself on more than one occasion. Developing a fondness for blades and understanding her opponents weaknesses, she became an extremely capable swordsmen and an even more capable killer.

After her crews ship got lost outside of Yagura, they became lost for three-hundred years. Catching spirits and gaining their power in The Crater was what enabled her to gain supernatural powers and rise in the ranks.

Having a fondness for the Captain she was not happy when the swabby executed him. Swift is well aware of the new Captain’s power and is lying in wait searching for a weakness.

In The Future Swift rules the world. A spirit army forged from years of draining the potential of life from men, she took over with billions of powerful spirit soldiers and ruled with an iron fist. Deciding to make everyone equal, she limited those who outdid there neighbours so no one felt above any one else. Those that failed to meet this lifestyle were thrown into the lawless prison city. The only creatures that live without limits are the handful of The Lost that survived the 27,000 years of hardship.


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