The Grinning Man

God of Luck, Chance and Fate


Sometimes appearing as an old bald man, othertimes a hollow death knight or just a traveling merchant. He always has a wide smile and appears old but seems youthful in his energy.


Many centuries ago the God of Luck, Chance and Fate got bored and tired of living in his realm. Now he wanders the land disguised in various forms offering items to passers by.

Great gifts and curses are bestowed upon all those who he meets. Most people across the world have their own legends and tales of the grinning man. He always presents people with an array of seemingly useless items, but never lets them go until they take only one. This gift could contain the power of the gods, the curse of an ancient demon or just be a pointless trinket.

“Actions are the seeds of fate.” – The Grinning Man

The Grinning Man

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