Valdez Vernon



A cocky monk who prides himself or needing nothing in the arena to aid him. No allies, clothing or weapons, he can do this on his own!


Valdez Vernon found himself thrown into slavery when he committed a fair amount of crimes under the influence as a teenager. Now over two decades onward he has been clean and sober for some time. Valdez is known for his stubborn attitude and rather unpredictable nature.

While in slavery he trained as a monk and dispensed with the pleasures of life for over a decade. Now in the last few years he has embraced all that he had been missing with an even greater lust than before. He lives for the moment he gets to be in the limelight, he needs to be noticed and wants to be seen.

Due to a head injury he received when trying to herd cattle as a slave. He is plagued with migraines and suffers from frequent nosebleeds.

At first overseers mistook him for being frail and worthless, but it only took a few hours for Valdez to prove himself.

Now he fights in the arena for fame and for glory.

Valdez Vernon

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