God of Darkness


Xpyythnntx is the God of Darkness. Formless, mysterious and evil.


Xpyythnntx is the patron of many warlocks seeking to further their own selfish pursuit of wealth and power. He is not known to many and only seeks out those that will act as his pawns, powerful but weak of mind or will.

Followers of Xpyythnntx will generally be those who have already established themselves in the world as leaders, great thinkers or powerful heroes. Xpyythnntx gives his followers all they desire, while gradually consuming their soul and pulling them into darkness.

The most common followers of Xpyythnntx are assassins, bards, barbarians and warlocks who have already achieved great deeds. The god of Darkness has no time for the whims of the weak.

Worshippers of Note
Tasfia McVanlock


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