Tag: fighter


  • The Greatest

    A warrior king among kibolds. The Greatest sailed to [[Golden | *Golden*]] and lost his entire crew in the process. When he reached the *Secret Dockland* he was slain by* Taru* in two swift strikes. He now exists in [[The Hollow | *The Hollow*]].

  • Marcus Jones

    Marcus was an adventurer long ago. Once a farm hand for his adoptive parents, he started adventuring in order to improve their lives. After defeating a necromancer, vanquishing a tower of evil and restoring [[Alione | *Alione*]] to peacetime he retired …

  • Gustav the Wolf-Eater

    Gustav was a wanderer taken in by the Dachi of Yagura. Trained to kill he was efficient and fast. The Wolf Mother appeared one night and told him to seek the teaching of the Hibiki. After murdering and eating his fellow Dachi allies, he joined the …