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  • Yakai

    House Yakai are affiliated with the [[Masaru | *Masaru*]]. They are a small noble house of merchants and seafarers that pride themselves on killing sea monsters.

  • Masaru Miscreants

    *Session 1: 24/01/18* From Brothels to Boats PCs Bade Yang Noel Brucey Jian Hosaka Merlot Von Whet Romili “Axe Master and Kings Champion”

  • Hana Obe

    A noble and highly respected member of the *[[Masaru | Masaru]]'s* royal court. He is primarily a merchant and trader that earned the position of Diamyo amoung the *[[Masaru | Masaru]]'* han. Despite his merchant background, they Daimyo is a ruthless …

  • Yuhiro Tadasuke

    Burly, blue and benevolent Yuhiro Tadasuke makes his family proud. The sixth of eleven brothers, he travels around Yagura’s more dangerous roads in an effort to try and keep the peace between Hans.

  • Yuhiro Binu

    Yuhiro Binu is the black sheep of the family. He has a bad gambling habit and frequently visits brothels much to his family’s shame.

  • Yuhiro Shuzu

    Yuhiro Suzu is one of the eldest brothers of the eleven. He is considered to be the most responsible and gained himself the position of Samurai in the Masaru’s forces.