Tag: merchant


  • Awesomeo Greatly

    A travelling merchant and con-man who bought very low and sold very high. Was shot to death in [[:harod-mcvanlock | *McVanlock's*]] Mansion by [[:engrill-vatris | *Engrill*]]. Now he exists in [[The Hollow | *The Hollow*]] for eternity.

  • Hijajj

    Hijajj was 45 when his father [[:raj | Raj]] was incarcerated for life. His mother committed suicide soon after due to the grief and torment she suffered under the rule of the Royal Fleet. Taking over what was left of his father's business, Hijajj …

  • Hakim

    Hakim never liked working under Raj. A jolly fellow by nature he is always up for a haggle but never likes to con. He finds working for Hijajj much more pleasurable. Being the top earner of the the Sailing Caravan, he is granted plenty of perks around …