The Solari Expanse has a wide range of faiths, more so than most settings due to its close links with so many different planes of existence. Below are but a handful of the many gods/goddesses that are followed in the land.


The Ancients – The creators of the universe (?)

Asmodeus – God of Gambling and Revenge (L/E)

Boonu – Goddess of the harvest (L/G)

Celesti – Goddess of Light and Devotion (L/G)

Dathlog God of the Void – God of the Void and the Empty (L/E)

Fysi – God of nature (N/N)

The Grinning Man – God of Luck, Fate and Destiny (C/N)

Iorian the God of Flame – God of Fire and Warmth (N)

Ohcia – Goddess of deception (N/E)

Onkos – God of Strength (L/N)

The Raven Queen – Goddess of Death (N/N)

Shagnnn – God of War and Power (C/E)

Solari – Goddess of the Gateway (C/N)

Unicest – Goddess of love and exploration (C/G)

Waaarys – God of ale and Indulgence (C/N)

The Wolf Mother – Goddess of the Feral and Savage (C/E)

Xpyythnntx – God of Darkness (L/E)


Barn Demi-God of Alcohol
The Consumer of All Demi-God of Destruction
Harold the Benevolent Demi-God of Plenty
Kyra Nova Demi Goddess of Jewels
Poke of the Endless Insult Demi-God of Insults
Tilak Keeper of Oaths Demi-God of Oath Keeping and Balance
The Lord of Winter Demi-God of Frost
Xuratch Demi-God of Puppets


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