Merlot's Doppelgänger


He appears as Merlot but with darker blue skin, red eyes and pronounced canines.


Evil at heart, completely self centred and self serving Merlot’s doppelgänger lived a short but excessive life. He spent his first year with Merlot locked in romance, his ego knowing no bounds.

Eventually Merlot tired of him and his doppelgänger wandered away alone. Later after abusing the animal kingdom, he met up Glab, Taru and Engrill’s doppelgängers. The four saved the island from the perils of The Lord of Winter.

Merlot’s doppelgänger was killed by a grenade dropped by one of the castles captains. His body was torn to many pieces and now he exists in The Hollow.

Merlot's Doppelgänger

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