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  • Xpyythnntx

    Xpyythnntx is the patron of many warlocks seeking to further their own selfish pursuit of wealth and power. He is not known to many and only seeks out those that will act as his pawns, powerful but weak of mind or will. Followers of Xpyythnntx will …

  • Asmodeus

    Asmodeus has 72 legions of demons under his command. He is one of the Kings of Hell. He incites gambling, and is the overseer of all the gambling houses in the court of Hell. Asmodeus is also the God of revenge.

  • Celesti the Goddess of Light and Devotion

    Celesti is benevolent to her devout worshippers, bestowing gifts of power and aiding them with divine guidance. Those that stray from the path are often visited by Celestial beings and punished for their lack of devotion. Celesti's wings shed orbs of …

  • Boonu

    Boonu blesses those who nurture and produce fruit and vegetables. The cultivation of lands and crops is what she favours most. She is the creator of [[Juit e Ronzu | *Juit e Ronzu's*]] strain of Fruitkin.

  • The Grinning Man

    Many centuries ago the God of Luck, Chance and Fate got bored and tired of living in his realm. Now he wanders the land disguised in various forms offering items to passers by. Great gifts and curses are bestowed upon all those who he meets. Most …

  • Solari Godess of the Gateway

    Solari came to the world over a thousand years ago. They say she fell from the stars, opening rifts to every plane of existence and releasing denizens of those planes into the world. It is rumoured that her mind perhaps even gave birth to those planes …

  • Dathlog God of the Void

    Dathlog is worshipped by many who want to avoid purgatory. A long stint in the empty void until you have attained for what you did in life. Some see Dathlog as nothing but a legend or fable, while others swear that he is real and comes to collect those …

  • Puck the God of Mischief and Trickery

    Puck once enjoyed all of the Freedom and pleasures of the Fey. Now his homeland taken from him, he attempts to fight a resistance against the . Cursed and trapped in a mortal Fey form Puck is now more vulnerable than he ever has been.