Tag: rogue


  • Awesomeo Greatly

    A travelling merchant and con-man who bought very low and sold very high. Was shot to death in [[:harod-mcvanlock | *McVanlock's*]] Mansion by [[:engrill-vatris | *Engrill*]]. Now he exists in [[The Hollow | *The Hollow*]] for eternity.

  • Gitzy

    Gitzy was rejected at birth for being born in the "Year of the Grey Skins." Growing up on the streets and in the sewers of a human world was hard. They laughed and jeered at his small and rotund frame, calling him Bibbles the Flatulent. As time went …

  • Kyra Nova

    Kyra Nova is now an elusive individual that lives in a colossal mansion off of the coast of [[Yagura | Yagura]]. A saviour of the land many centuries ago she now has no part in adventuring or heroism. Greed consumed she now only opens the gates of her …

  • Oliander the Ancient

    Her early life has long been forgotten, even by Oliander herself. Existing around the time of the first settlers in Alione, she somehow contracted the curse of vampirism. Since that day she has been free of mortal restraints. Like most of her kind she …