Party of the Lost

*Session 1: 30/05/17
New allies formed, old friends found and comrades killed.

Session 2: 08/06/17
The pox!

Session 3: 27/06/17
The Fall of Tubs

Session 4: 10//07/17
Journey to Whet

Session 5: 21//07/17
Forced Marriage

Session 6: 27//07/17
Engril’s Visit Home

Session 7: 24//08/17
The Trouble with Dags

Session 8: 21//09/17
Peril in the Fey Wild

Session 9: 09//10/17
Deamons and Demi-gods

Session 9: 23//10/17
The Great Purge of Golden


Amnon Creed

Engrill Vatris

Merlot Von Whet

Orryn of the Fey

Phoenix Meletos

NPC Followers

Wilhelmina the Ex-Worm

Party of the Lost

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